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Flooding on the Sunshine Coast Flooding on the Sunshine Coast Flooding on the Sunshine Coast Flooding on the Sunshine Coast

Council recognises that it is never possible to eliminate all risk of flooding and flood damage in the region. However, by making yourself aware of the characteristics of flooding in your local area you can reduce the risks.

Dangers are inherent in all floodwaters – across roads, creeks, dams, parks or backyards – so never enter any floodwater be it on foot, rubber dingy, body board or in your vehicle: If it’s flooded, forget itLink exits to another website.

Learn about the types of flood events that occur in the Sunshine Coast region
View maps showing possible estimated extent of river and storm tide flooding on the Sunshine Coast
Council provides a number of ways for you to find information about flooding to properties on the Sunshine Coast, including MyMaps and property searches
Read about historical flooding events on the Sunshine Coast

Last Updated 28-Aug-14